Vegas Lux Slots

Everyone knows about Vegas, right? If you play slots, this is the most famous and loved place to do it. Of course, many people prefer to play online now, and if you are among them, you can check out the Vegas Lux slot to see if that suits you instead.

We are not spoiling anything by revealing that the game takes place there - after all, they mention it in the title. We go into detail on everything else in our review as well, so hang tight and keep reading for more info.

Another Realtime Gaming hit?

You'll have to read on to find out what you need to know before spinning this set of reels. However, there are several reasons why this RTG slot stands out.

Demo gaming is cool too

Yes, it is, and you can try out the game without risk and see how the various features might appear if you try this first.

We have no prizes for guessing the theme

We figured it out already, didn't we? Vegas is the setting for this game, but we should mention the beautiful combination of the backdrop and the icons on the reels to support it here.

Top design elements here

This game looks sharp - there is no doubt about that. It's easy to view for a longer gaming session too, which is something you can easily overlook.

Diamond reels for this one…

What do we mean by that, you might ask? Instead of the usual three-icon formation on each reel, you only see that on the first and last reels. The second and fourth have four symbols on each, with the middle reel boasting five. That creates the diamond shape we mentioned.

While there are no jackpots in this game, you will find a wild. It says WILD and RTG has been inspired by the Las Vegas sign when creating it. It appears on any of the middle three reels, which are the largest ones in action, remember. It might also cover more than one space on each spin if you're fortunate. All this, and there is a scatter too - which says FREE GAMES.

How many lines in Vegas Lux slots?

None… but that means we have a way win format in action instead. With the diamond shape in play, this works out to 720 ways.

Choose one bet per spin

If you are keen to see how much to pay to play the game, you just need to choose a fixed wager to cover all those 720 ways. RTG supplies lots of options to suit all budgets.

Paytable details

The paytable contains all the rules, all the symbols, and all the possible prizes you could glean from the game. That makes it the ideal place to begin.

No bonuses in this slot

You might be surprised at this, but the reason is that the free spin round carries more potential than usual.

Free spins in the Vegas Lux game

Here we go. The scatter says FREE GAMES, and it needs to appear once on every reel to qualify for the freebies. Eight free games would be granted if that occurs.

However, before we press on, we should say that the scatter can appear in stacks along with the wild. This can help you when triggering the freebies. You see, you will receive eight games for each unique set of five icons you find. All you need to do is to get one per reel.

If that sounds confusing, let us explain. Let's say you land a scatter on reels one, two, four, and five. There are five positions on reel three, so let's assume you get some good fortune and land five scatters on there. You've met the terms for triggering the free games, and you have five unique combinations of five scatters as well.

A quick slice of math tells us that five lots of eight games would equal 40 free spins… the exact amount you'd receive. And if other scatters turn up elsewhere, there would be more on offer too.

Do we know the return to player value?

No, as it hasn't been made available by RTG.

Our rating: Is Vegas Lux worth playing?

Only you can work that out, but the unusual free spin game means that our score reaches eight points out of 10.

Scoop up to 1,320x your wager

This is a superb reward to go for, but of course, there are many other smaller ones around too. We think the best way to collect several prizes to amount to a good return is to reach the free spins, ideally with more than one set of them to play.

Play for entertainment and a slice of Vegas action

The Vegas theme has never been done better… at least, that is our take on this. Try the demo version and you'll be able to see if you agree with that.

You can play the real thing too if you like it

With a reasonable assortment of bets to choose from in this slot, many players will find it accessible to play for real.

Play at a mobile RTG casino too

It doesn't matter whether you play on Android or iOS. Either way, you can load the mobile version of Vegas Lux to play instead if you want to.