Popiñata Slots

Online casino gamblers who struggle to find a game that offers both excellent entertainment and stunning graphics will find that Popiñata Slots offers both. Poised to become an immediate favorite of both new and experienced gamblers, this title is one that has plenty to offer in terms of fun and prize potential.

Vibrant Graphics are the Key to Success

While slots that offer sub-par gameplay or boring graphics typically don't gain favor among gamblers, Popiñata faces neither of these problems. With reels set into a black screen, rich blues, greens, oranges, yellows and purples come together to design some very attractive icons on the screen. And players who like to party will also find that the title's theme is accompanies the visuals very well; surrounding the central theme of a Mexican party, this 5-reel, 10-payline game will be perfect for those who enjoy all of the fun that surrounds Cinco de Mayo.

Animation is common in modern slots, but Popiñata does it right. While not every instance of the game is animated, one in particular stands out: The donkey piñata, which is also the wild symbol, explodes whenever it lands on reels two, three or four. While the animation is certainly amusing, it results in an entire reel becoming wild; gamblers also receive one free re-spin once the reel does become wild, which seriously ups the prize potential for the title. Additionally, the 3D graphics give the game a little something extra that is hard to achieve without them.

Huge Wagering Not Required

Some players are often overwhelmed by the large wagers required to win on any given slot game, but those who opt to spin the reels in Popiñata will quickly learn that the title doesn't demand huge bets. Coin sizes range $0.01 and $0.10 per payline in the 10-line game, and only one coin can be bet per line, which keeps costs down even for players who like to regularly bet the max.

Keeping Players on the Edge of Their Seats

Popiñata Slots has the potential to keep gamblers perched on the edge of their seats in terms of both winning potential and entertainment. Like many recently released games, including Fucanglong, Megaquarium and Purrfect Pet Slots, Popiñata is already garnering the type of attention that ensures that players will find everything that they're looking for both on the reels and in the pay table of this terrific title.