5 Wishes Slots

If you have read or seen the Aladdin story, you'll have wondered how you would use any wishes the genie decided to grant you. It's an interesting idea, isn't it? That could be why the story has inspired many online slot games, too.

If you feel the story has been overdone, don't forget about it until you've tried the 5 Wishes slot game. It has some fascinating features to treat us all to, so if you've got a spare moment, check out our review to see what you think of this take on the idea.

The game comes from RTG

In case you didn't know, those initials lead us to Realtime Gaming. They are a familiar presence in the world of online slots.

Practice makes perfect?

Not exactly, as slots are based on chance. However, you can take a practice spin of this set of reels before moving across to real wagers. Just load the demo and you're good to go with a practice balance.

Does this theme surprise us in any way?

No - we know what happens in the famous Aladdin story and that it involves a genie. The magic lamp appears here too, so all the elements you know and love are present in the game.

Does the design help the story move along?

Yes, the background takes on a rich appearance thanks to tons of jewels and coins strewn about. We can only imagine the riches there. Gold and purple are selected as the main colors for this game, all of which leads to a rich appearance.

Learn what to expect from the 5 Wishes slot game

This slot displays five reels, and if you thought three symbols would stop on each one with each go, you're correct. At first glance, you might think there is just one progressive jackpot here - although any jackpot is welcome. However, if you watch the displayed amount above the reels for a bit, you'll see it goes between a small and a large jackpot. This confirms that two are in play here.

The genie goes wild in this slot, cropping up in that role on the first reel and no others. He brings a 2x multiplier with every appearance, too.

Meanwhile, his magic lamp behaves as a scatter symbol, so it can be easier to find prizes with this.

Must you bet on all the paylines?

No, the game supplies 25 adjustable lines. However, if you reduce the maximum quantity to play on, you run the risk of missing a prize that lands somewhere else.

A higher minimum coin wager than you might think

This is not a penny slot game, sadly. The smallest coin available is worth four cents. This means betting a dollar on each spin if you do cover all the lines. A dollar is also the maximum coin value you could use.

View the paytable before you play

Even though we can give you plenty of details about 5 Wishes slots before playing, it still makes sense to look at the paytable to find out more before you get started.

What about a bonus round?

There isn't a bonus round, but there is a bonus feature called Genie Wilds. Confused? The idea is that whenever the wild genie turns up on his reel, he may decide to change one of three other symbols in the game into more substitutes. Aladdin, the female character, and the monkey are the ones the genie could cast his eye on in this manner.

So, even though the wild genie is kept to the first reel, this random feature could see additional wilds land elsewhere.

Free spins and how to unlock them

Three scatters take you into 10 free games. Find four scatters and you get 20 games instead. If you can find five scatters to start the feature, settle back because you are going to play through 100 spins instead.

This round can be triggered again and the Genie Wilds random feature may occur at any point as well, so it's a cool one to check out.

No return to player info here

While many believe the RTG collection of slots typically comes in with an RTP of around 95%, that is a vague catch-all estimate. They don't reveal their return to player details for any game.

Do we like the 5 Wishes slot game?

We do, and while rating any game is difficult to do, we think this one should sit at around the 8 out of 10 mark.

Watch out for jackpot news

Yes, you usually get to hear who has won a progressive jackpot, and we don't think it will be any different in this game. We'll reveal anything we learn here.

Practice before you bet

Since we have a demo to try, it makes sense to do just that, don't you think? Play a few spins until you find the Genie Wilds feature in action, at least. That is cool to see play out on the reels.

Play for real if you like it

Who knows how generous the genie might be with his wilds? At least this does qualify for the penny slot title, so most players should find it accessible.

Mobile activity

The game is a modern one, so accessing it on Android or iOS shouldn't present you with any problems.