Shadow Gods Slots

Many cultures look to different gods. There were many involved in mythical stories too, and it would seem we may have a couple of those appearing in this game. Shadow Gods takes us into the past, so can you work out which area of the world we are heading for?

You’ll find out for sure when you go through our review here, which delves into all parts of the game. If you want to know more before you play – and that is a sensible thing to do – you are in the right place to do it.

Another strong title in the RTG collection

Realtime Gaming seems to do well with any theme they choose. We can see how that works by viewing this game, for example.

Demo accessibility

No worries on this score, as RTG has supplied a practice version of the game for curious people like us!

Which area of the world do the gods come from?

The theme takes us to ancient Egypt, where Horus and Anubis await us. You’ll see these striking characters as the game loads and while you play. You can expect lots of other elements of ancient Egyptian society coming into play too.

Top marks in the design department

Could this be one of the best-looking Egyptian-themed slots we have ever seen? There are plenty of them around, so it is a huge target to aim for. We think RTG has done an amazing job of getting the best result though, with a beautiful game to look at and play.

Are you ready to play Shadow Gods?

If you are, you can expect to get underway with five reels to spin. Three symbols appear per reel in this game. Jackpots don’t feature here, so you are limited to paytable prizes in this case.

You will get two wilds in action in this game. Both are full height symbols and both are nudged into that full position on the reel when they stop only partly in view. You might guess that Horus and Anubis are wilds. Each one is kept on just one reel – Horus on the second one and Anubis on the fourth.

We do still have a scatter to tell you about though. This is a Pharaoh’s mask, which can pay anywhere if you find enough of them. Watch for gold coins as well, as these are connected to another feature in the game.

Paylines in Shadow Gods

You can wager on a maximum of 50 lines when you play.

Does this qualify as a penny slot?

No, it doesn’t. You must place four cents as a minimum amount on each played line. That makes this 50-line slot a pricier one to play, with a $2 bet to cover everything here. Players wishing to wager more on their game can do so, though.

Everything is explained inside the paytable

As you would expect, and we rely on a decent table inside the Shadow Gods slot.

For the bonus round, look to the coins

Finding six gold coins on the reels will cause those coins to stick in position. The bonus then begins with three respins. You won’t pay for these. Whenever another coin turns up, it stays in place and the respin counter goes back to the original three remaining. The idea is to try and fill every position with a coin. If this is achieved, the Grand Prize comes your way.

However, if you end up with just the six original coins on your reel set, you’d still collect a prize for those coins. Anywhere between the original six and 14 coins would produce a bigger prize.

Do the respins mean we don’t get any free spins?

No – fortunately, you can count on free games coming your way if you can get three Pharaoh masks on the reels in the base game. If this occurs, you’ll get six free spins, but you can choose how you would like to play them.

For example, the Treasure Spins version gives you three gold coins on the final reel of the game. You then play your spins to see if another three coins appear. If so, they would take you into the bonus round, so in reality you’re already halfway there.

The second choice involves two expanded wilds – Horus and Anubis – covering the second and fourth reels for your six spins. This means you have a better chance of getting winning combinations.

Whichever way you go with this round, you can trigger further spins with another three masks.

What about the RTP value?

As always with an RTG slot game, this is unknown.

Is the Shadow Gods slot a top-rated slot?

This is worthy of 9.5/10. We know some players will disagree with that purely because of the four-cent minimum per line. This does put it into the more expensive category for many, which is a shame. That is partly why we reduced it from the maximum score. The other reason was because of the 2D graphics. Mind you, even then it looks superb.

What is the best outcome in terms of prizes?

The information supplied with the game reveals that 50,000x your bet would be the best you could hope for on a spin. Most players are going to find prizes worth way less than that, of course, but the enjoyment factor is big here.

Start with the demo when you get the chance

This is our take on the game. It is difficult to get a feel for how strong this one is in its theme and presentation until you try it. You can also see how far your budget would go if you did try the real thing.

Is this out of your affordability range?

It’s difficult to focus on the cash aspect of any slot, but we must do so. The game is more expensive to play, especially if you want to be certain all those lines are played on each spin. The two-dollar minimum is going to put this out of reach for some.

Android and iOS accessibility

The good news is that if you like the game and want to play it with more freedom, both Android and iOS devices will let you play it with touchscreen controls.